Tees Valley Net Zero


Tees Valley Net Zero offers comprehensive support for businesses embarking on their Net Zero journey. The programme equipping businesses with the guidance, resources, and grant funding needed to develop and implement effective Net Zero strategies.

The support is delivered by Decerna Limited on behalf of the Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority and is fully funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Tailored Support for Businesses

Tees Valley Net Zero provides businesses with access to Net Zero Advisors and Technical Specialists who offer both online and in-person consultations. This personalised support ensures that businesses receive expert guidance every step of the way. It also offers easy access to a suite of online tools and resources, including a web-based tool that allows businesses to calculate and report carbon emissions. The tool also facilitates the generation of a Carbon Reduction Plan, empowering businesses to set reduction targets and kickstart their decarbonisation efforts.

Grant Funding

Businesses that sign up could benefit from up to £2,000 in grant funding towards implementing their Carbon Reduction Plan.

Webinar Opportunities

The programme offers a range of webinars and workshops, providing businesses with valuable insights and knowledge essential for their decarbonisation journey. These educational resources cover topics such as the basics of starting your business’s Net Zero journey, measuring its carbon footprint, emissions reporting, and setting science-based targets.

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