About us

We provide a wide range of consultancy and development services, to ensure that the right decisions are made, to support our customers in the whole journey, from initial concept through to implementation of low carbon systems and infrastructure.

Decerna (originally known as Narec Distributed Energy) started life in 2012 as a spin out company from the UK National Renewable Energy Centre. We provide services, and build infrastructure, to ensure the just transition of society through to a low carbon economy.


We want to create a world that has moved beyond just talking about decarbonisation to one that is taking every opportunity to de-carbonise. A world where people know what is possible and have the confidence to make decisions and take opportunities that will make the world, or their part of it, a better place.


We will partner with people who are committed to making a difference, sharing our knowledge and expertise and providing support and guidance. Together, we will explore the opportunities and create bespoke solutions which deliver real impact for your customers, business and the planet.


We are here to help our partners make a difference for their customers, their bottom line and the planet. Working alongside those who are ready to play their part in stopping our world from reaching tipping point, we unlock the low carbon economy to lower carbon emissions and operating costs and increase profitability and living standards.

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