Navigating UK Grid Connections: G99 and G100

The world of high voltage (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) generation connections is often shrouded in mystery, with a dismal 15% success rate for developers. This translates to a staggering 85% of applications failing, leaving dreams of innovative projects unrealized. But why?

The culprit often lies in misplaced applications, or the wrong application type being submitted, hindering even the most meticulously planned projects. Even when an application lands on the right spot, there’s another hurdle: the system planner. Imagine a system planner, burdened with complex tasks and juggling technical, commercial, and regulatory demands. Navigating the intricacies of finding and offering complex, innovative solutions might not always be their top priority. This is where your champions step in.

Our elite engineering team is on a mission to unlock the hidden potential within your project. We act as your connection navigators, meticulously identifying the optimal solution. This solution isn’t just technically feasible, adhering to regulations and engineering recommendations, but also commercially viable, ensuring your project thrives.

We craft G99 and G100 connection applications that accurately reflect this optimal solution. Then, when necessary, we present the engineering solution, effectively “selling” it to the network operator’s engineer. This ensures that any potential biases or limitations of the engineer don’t become roadblocks to your project’s success.

Applying for a connection that is technically unfeasible, even on a viable network segment, can lead to spiralling costs, ultimately derailing your project, and squandering valuable opportunities. The truth is most developers are left unaware of the true reason behind their failed applications. The blame often falls on the site’s suitability, while the real culprit can be the application itself for the handling of the application by the network operator.

Decerna also offers training courses such as Navigating UK Grid Connections: G99 & G100 to help follow the rules on G99 & G100 to ensure energy projects can succeed. The course covers insights into Distribution Network Operations (DNOs) and National Grid interactions, the transition from G59 to G99, guidance on completing G99 applications and so much more.

With over a decade of consultancy experience in grid connections, Decerna is well-positioned to provide pragmatic training. Specialising in solar, batteries, and wind turbines and having worked on projects ranging from 10kW to 350MW, Decerna brings knowledge and real-world examples to this training course.

Bryan Dixon, our Head of Grid Scale Technologies, has 42 years of experience within the energy industry and DNOs. Our expertise aims to equip delegates with the necessary skills and understanding to proficiently navigate the UK grid connection landscape.

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