Decerna Welcomes Phil Norval as Head of the Group for Energy Efficiency, Renewables, and Storage

Image of Phil Norval from Decerna stood in front of the HQ of Decerna, known as Decerna House

Cramlington, October 2023 — Decerna, a leader in sustainable solutions for the built environment, is pleased to announce the designation of Phil Norval as its new Head of the Group for Energy Efficiency, Renewables, and Storage.

A Commitment to Sustainability. Phil has always been passionate and an advocate for helping fight climate change and fuel poverty. He has a background in science, engineering, and mathematics. His deep-seated passion to contribute to a more sustainable future led him to focus on low carbon and Net Zero solutions. With a solid educational background in low-carbon building design and engineering, Phil has dedicated his career to reducing carbon emissions across different industries.

Decerna: where independence and expertise converge. Having worked at Decerna for four years, Phil believes the company stands out in its industry for its unwavering commitment to independence and impartiality.

The company believes that offering unbiased advice to clients is fundamental. The team at Decerna is characterised by a shared passion for continuous learning and a dedication to keeping up to date with the rapidly evolving low-carbon economy.

Phil Norval

The future of sustainability Looking to the future, Phil believes that the drive for sustainability will be driven primarily by organisations. Clients and customers are increasingly demanding lower carbon solutions from their suppliers. There is a growing need for sustainable products and services, life cycle assessments, and environmental product declarations as businesses strive to minimise their environmental footprint.

A Hint of Humor. Phil’s love for comedy transcends the office walls. His taste in British and American comedy shows brings a touch of light-heartedness to his persona. His favourites include “Parks and Recreation,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and “The Office.”

Passion Beyond Work. Outside of the professional sphere, Phil is a hands-on creator. Woodworking is his chosen medium, providing him with a creative outlet and a space to craft unique projects during his free time.

Decerna proudly announces the promotion of Phil Norval to the position of Head of the Group for Energy Efficiency, Renewables, and Storage in the built environment. His new role signifies our continued commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable world. 

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