Decerna Introduces Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Services to Aid EU Importers and Manufacturers

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UK – 3rd June 2024 – Decerna, recognised for its robust Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expertise, today announced the launch of its new suite of services designed to assist companies with the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). As the EU CBAM transitional period began in October 2023, Decerna is now starting to provide companies with the essential tools and insights needed to navigate and comply with the stringent requirements of this new regulation. This transitional phase, running until October 2026, will significantly impact companies by mandating quarterly reporting on embedded emissions in certain imports without immediate financial adjustments.

CBAM’s Role and Future Scope:

CBAM is a pivotal component of the EU’s strategy to combat climate change. It imposes a carbon price on imports of specific goods such as iron and steel, cement, fertiliser, aluminium, hydrogen, and electricity generation. Throughout this transitional phase from October 2023 to October 2026, importers must report quarterly on these goods’ embedded emissions. However, financial levies will not be applied until after this period ends. Looking ahead, the scope of CBAM is expected to expand to include additional industries, further integrating environmental costs into the economic framework and encouraging sustainable practices across a broader spectrum of goods and sectors.

At Decerna, we have been providing LCA studies since 2009, longer than almost any other UK-based consultancy, and our comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations, combined with our prowess in LCA, positions us uniquely to guide importers and manufacturers through the complexities of CBAM,

We are committed to ensuring our clients not only comply with but excel under the new standards set forth by this mechanism,

Dr Tom Bradley, LCA director at Decerna.

Decerna’s CBAM services are designed to:

  • Provide precise quantification of actual embedded emissions in CBAM goods, employing ISO-compliant LCA methodologies.
  • Facilitate the preparation and submission of mandatory quarterly CBAM reports through the CBAM Transitional Registry.
  • Offer expert advice on data collection and emissions calculation to optimise reporting accuracy.
  • Deliver strategic guidance on employing default values and exploring alternative calculation methods to enhance reporting efficiency.

Leveraging its extensive experience in evaluating the environmental impacts of renewable energy, biofuels, and carbon capture technologies, Decerna is dedicated to aiding companies in reducing their environmental impact while contributing to global emissions reduction efforts.

The rollout of CBAM is a pivotal advancement in global environmental regulation,

We are thrilled to apply our specialised knowledge to assist businesses in transitioning smoothly into this new regulatory framework, helping them to contribute effectively to the global fight against climate change.

Tia Morgan, part of the LCA team at Decerna

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About Decerna

Decerna specialises in life cycle assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations and environmental impact analysis, focusing on carbon capture technologies, microorganisms, composites, energy, fertilisers and steel sectors. The firm is dedicated to assisting enterprises in measuring, understanding, and mitigating their environmental impacts while ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and fostering a sustainable future.

Decerna is involved in many LCA studies, including research and business support projects. Decerna began life in 2009 as the LCA and Microrenewables department of the UK National Renewable Energy Centre, became an independent consultancy in 2012, and has since grown into a large independent commercial organisation providing a wide range of LCA and Net-Zero services internationally.

Please visit our case studies page to learn more about the LCA offerings from Decerna.

Decerna isn’t just a consultancy; we have published scientific articles and book chapters on LCA, have supported team members through PhDs in LCA, and ensure continuous team training. We consider ourselves not only a consultancy on LCA but also a research centre, pushing forward the field’s boundaries.

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