Decerna Welcomes Catherine Scott as Graduate Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Consultant

Cramlington, UK – Decerna is pleased to announce the appointment of Catherine Scott to our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) team as a Graduate Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Consultant. Catherine will play a crucial role in our ongoing EPD project, focusing on assisting SMEs in the Tees Valley with data collection for our openLCA-based EPDs.

Catherine Scott brings a robust background in civil engineering and a strong passion for environmental sustainability. She graduated with first-class honours in Civil Engineering from Northumbria University, where she excelled in Environmental Engineering and Structural Analysis and Modelling modules. Catherine’s professional experience includes her recent role as a Graduate Geotechnical Engineer at Ryder Geotechnical, where she was involved in producing geotechnical reports for offshore wind structures.

Catherine’s technical expertise and enthusiasm for sustainability make her an excellent addition to our team. Her experience and innovative approach will significantly benefit the SMEs we support in the Tees Valley.

Jonathan Forbes, LCA Consultant at Decerna

About the EPD Project

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund project, part of the wider Tees Valley Combined Authority Net Zero project, aims to enhance the economic resilience and competitive positioning of SMEs in the Tees Valley by facilitating the creation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs are standardised documents that provide detailed information about the environmental impact of products across their lifecycle, based on comprehensive Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs).

Supporting SMEs in Sustainability

Catherine will be instrumental in the data collection phase of the EPD project, helping SMEs gather and manage the necessary environmental data. This project will also offer training workshops to build SMEs’ capacity to understand and implement LCAs and EPDs, ensuring they can meet increasing sustainability standards and market demands.

We are committed to supporting SMEs in their sustainability journeys. Catherine’s role will involve creating EPDs and educating SMEs on the broader implications of sustainability practices, including an awareness of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

Tom Bradley, Director at Decerna

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