Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of novel graphene based paints


Graphene has been touted as a wonder material with a wide range of potential uses. A key application for Applied Graphene Materials UK Ltd (AGM) is the use of its Genable graphene nanoplatelet dispersions to enhance industrial paints used to coat wind turbines and other infrastructure. Research has shown that the addition of AGM’s graphene dispersion has the potential to significantly extend the lifespan of a wind turbine coating.

Decerna conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) following the principles of ISO 14040/44 to understand the environmental impacts and potential advantages of a graphene-enhanced paint over a coating without the graphene addition.

Outline and objectives

The purpose of the project was to analyse the formulation of the graphene-enhanced primer and compare its environmental impact to that of a primer without a graphene-based additive.

The project objectives were to analyse the impact on the environment of both paints using 18 mid-point impact categories (ReCiPe Hierarchist Mid Points), identifying any bottle necks within the system that were responsible for significant effects on the environment. Findings were then compared to those for the graphene-enhanced primer, in order to highlight any extended lifetime benefits of using the latter on wind turbine structures.


The report was completed, and AGM was able to use the findings to further understand the positive impact that its Genable graphene dispersions could have on the environment. Positive findings indicate that the graphene-enhanced product performed better than a non-enhanced primer in terms of an increase in life span of the coating.

Client testimonial

The LCA work by Decerna allowed us to have a detailed view of the wider impact our product has, and has offered further understanding around the environmental benefits of using our graphene nanoplatelet dispersions for industrial coatings in the wind energy sector and beyond.”

Mark Snell, Regulatory Manager at AGM

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