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Development of 250MW of “spade ready” battery sites in Scotland

Decerna is transitioning from a pure consultancy into an infrastructure developer. In collaboration with the wind developer Whirlwind Renewables, Decerna created a new venture named Gigabox Developments Limited, which focuses squarely lies on the creation of spade-ready sites optimized for 50MW Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), which are then being sold to major BESS developers.

Spade-ready sites are essentially sites where a developer can turn up the day after purchase and begin construction. All legal elements, planning, electrical grid applications, and other required permissions and applications are already addressed and completed.

Gigabox Development’s efforts to date have resulted in five separate 50MW sites, which has made a major contribution to the development of BESS within the UK. This project is one of several in which Decerna is metamorphosing from a consulting entity to an energy infrastructure provider, enabling Decerna to make a more proactive and significant contribution to the UK’s Net Zero targets.

Outline and Objectives

Within Gigabox, the Grid Technologies Group within Decerna undertook a range of work. This included;

  • Identification of relevant substations which offered 50MW or more battery connections
  • Site visits
  • Initial introductions to landowners
  • Submission of budget and Firm G99 applications
  • Liaising with Distribution Network Operators
  • Working with Independent Connection Providers for infrastructure costs


Five sites, each with a capacity of 50MW, have been prepared in Scotland so far, which will help create a more resilient Net Zero grid.

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