Schematic of the Brilliant Planet microalgae carbon dioxide removal system. The system is based on microalagae raceways, using water taken from the ocean.

Independent assessment of the Brilliant Planet microalgae carbon capture facility in Morocco

Decerna is undertaking a detailed independent assessment of a novel microalgae carbon capture system created by Brilliant Planet. Decerna’s expert Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) team are currently working closely with Brilliant Planet, creating detailed models, undertaking site visits, and producing detailed reports.

Brilliant Planet (Brilliant Planet), a British start-up specializing in carbon-capture technology, has created a 3-hectare facility to capture carbon using microalgae in Akhfennir, Morocco. This site is a small demonstration of their planned future large-scale capture systems. By unlocking the true power of microalgae, Brilliant Planet is pioneering an affordable and scalable approach to permanently and quantifiably sequester carbon on an unprecedented gigaton scale. Guided by innovative processes, the company is cultivating vast quantities of microalgae within open-air pond-based systems, which is then processed and buried in specially designed location.

To learn more about the wide range of Life Cycle Assessment expertise and knowledge at Decerna, especially within Carbon Capture independent validation, please check out our previous projects at:

Stay tuned for more updates on this game-changing endeavour that promises to reshape our approach to carbon capture and our planet’s sustainable future.

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