Narec Distributed Energy rebrands as Decerna

Decerna logo

Narec Distributed Energy, a company focussed on ensuring real carbon savings across multiple sectors, has this week rebranded as Decerna, in order to better represent their activities and ambition.

It is now ten years since the company was created as a spin out from the Distributed Energy department of what was at the time known as Narec. With the company expanding, the new brand is intended to show that Decerna has moved long past simply being a spin out company, and now is a serious player in ensuring that Net-Zero happens in the UK and beyond.

This year, the company will be opening a new HQ, embarking on a number of projects to develop their own renewable energy infrastructure, and delivering projects across the UK and Europe.

Existing projects are delivering real carbon savings, with the company supporting hundreds of SMEs across the North East in decarbonisation, whilst at the same time undertaking major projects in developing renewable energy sites, and expanding the consultancy offering of Decerna.

Over the coming months, we will be releasing press releases on a number of exciting new developments and projects, as we continue to grow and help make a real difference in combatting climate change.

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