UK Rejoins Horizon Europe: A New Dawn for Research and Innovation

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The United Kingdom has officially rejoined Horizon Europe, the EU’s flagship research and innovation programme, marking a significant milestone in the UK’s research and innovation landscape. This development opens up a plethora of opportunities for UK organisations, with Decerna Limited positioned to play a pivotal role in this new chapter.

Horizon Europe: A Beacon of Opportunities

Horizon Europe, with a substantial budget of €95.5 billion running until 2027, stands as a beacon of opportunities for UK researchers and innovators. The UK’s association commenced on September 7, 2023, ensuring that UK applicants have a secure pathway to funding through the programme. The association will fully cover the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2024, fostering excellence in research across various fields, enhancing industrial competitiveness, and addressing global challenges.

Decerna: Facilitating a Net-Zero Future

Established in 2012, Decerna (previously known as Narec Distributed Energy) has been steadfast in its mission to facilitate a rapid transition towards a global net-zero economy powered by clean, affordable energy. The company offers a wide array of services, including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) services, a critical offering for Horizon Europe projects. Decerna has provided LCA for a large number of European and Innovate UK-funded projects, the latest of which is REALM.

Empowering UK Organisations

The reassociation with Horizon Europe empowers UK organisations to delve into research and innovation projects with renewed vigour. Decerna stands as a reliable and experienced partner in this endeavour, offering services that help organisations understand their environmental impacts and ensure their projects have Life Cycle Assessment and sustainability at their core.

A Future of Collaboration and Innovation

As the UK steps into a future of collaboration and innovation with Horizon Europe, Decerna is ready to unlock and advance the low-carbon economy. With a portfolio that spans smart home technology field trials, grid-scale renewables, energy storage, and sustainability assessments, Decerna is equipped to support UK organisations in leveraging Horizon Europe’s opportunities.

About Decerna

Decerna, a consultancy and developer established in 2012, is on a mission to facilitate the transition towards a global net-zero economy. Decerna is developing solar, energy storage, and grid stability assets through technical and strategic consultancy offerings, steering the world towards a sustainable future.

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