Technical support for engineering companies

Between January and March 2012 Decerna provided two days of technical support and advice related to the offshore wind industry to 14 companies in Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough Council commissioned Decerna to undertake a free ‘renewable audit’ with engineering companies in Middlesbrough to identify the potential for the engineering sector within Tees Valley to service the offshore wind market. The audit was carried out to assess the feasibility of adapting and accrediting products and/or services for the offshore wind industry.

The business support available included:

  •  Information and guidance on the sector including a market analysis
  •  Identification of training needs
  •  Overview of quality standards and accreditations required
  • Support to access relevant finance and other available funding initiatives to support their development

Participating organisations included:

  • AV Dawson
  • Dielife
  • Ecco Finishing Supplies
  • Industrial & Marine Hydraulics
  • Intelect
  • Lionweld Kennedy
  • B Marshall Engineering
  • MB Tech
  • QA Weld Tech
  • Steve Brettle Fabrications
  • William Lane
  •  MC Ware Mechanical
  • Ovalway Hydraulic Engineering
  • CL Prosser

The support culminated in a written report based on the findings as well as an overview of the UK offshore wind market which identified their position within the supply chain. The document also provided details of opportunities and potential future activity, along with conclusions and recommendations as identified by Decerna staff.

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