Decerna to be part of six month electric vehicle trial

Decerna, part of the UK National Renewable Energy Centre group of companies, has now taken on an electric vehicle as a pool car, through the Switch EV Project. The car, a Peugeot iOn, provided by Simon Bailes Peugeot, will help ensure that site visits carried out by Decerna are as low carbon as possible, whilst providing valuable data on the usage of electric vehicles.

Switch EV is a research project supported by the Technology Strategy Board that aims to improve understanding of the barriers to the uptake and use of electric vehicles.  As part of the project 44 electric vehicles are on trial across the North East of England. Each vehicle and user is being assessed in order to gain real life perceptions and experiences of electric vehicle usage and ownership. The research will look into questions over how the vehicles are used, how the battery performs and what are people’s existing and changing perceptions of electric vehicles.

Through the trial, over 145 organisations and families have been given access to the vehicles for at least 6 months at a time, with many more individuals driving the vehicles. Decerna is participating in the final part of this project.

In addition, through this project, Decerna intend to have an electric charging post installed outside of their renewable energy training facility in Blyth on Ballast Hill. This charging post will be open for members of the public in the ‘Charge Your Car’ network to use. This will add to the range of low carbon technologies already installed at the Training Centre.

After receiving the Electric Vehicle Adam Stewart, Senior Project Manager at Decerna, stated:

We are delighted to be contributing to this critical research project and that by using the vehicle it will help spread awareness of electric vehicles amongst our clients, whilst providing an opportunity for company staff to gain a greater understanding and experience of the latest electric vehicle technology

More information on the work carried out by Decerna can be found at:


For more information, please contact Tom Bradley on 07794073657 or

High resolution images available on request.

Decerna is part of the UK National Renewable Energy Centre group of companies. Decerna is an organisation which carries out a wide range of work within the renewable and low carbon sector, particularly within the built environment.

Through our work we help our customers reduce carbon, alleviate fuel poverty, improve energy security, stimulate economic growth and educate energy users.  We deliver this in three ways:

  1. Strategy: Our strategists assist organisations in developing energy and carbon management plans, identifying funding and revenue streams and assessing the implications of government policy.
  2. Engineering: Our engineers provide a wide range of technical and testing services that enable our clients to select the most appropriate energy solutions.
  3. Training: Our dedicated training centre offers bespoke and accredited training on a wide range of renewable technologies.

Switch EV brings together vehicle manufacturers Nissan, Smith Electric Vehicles, Avid Vehicles Limited, and Liberty Electric Cars as well as the Simon Bailes Peugeot dealership, with research and data analysis completed by the Transport Operation Research Group at the University of Newcastle, and with project management by Future Transport Systems. This is one of eight consortia projects taking part in the Technology Strategy Board’s £25m UK-wide Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Programme, delivered in partnership with the Department for Transport (DFT). The programme is designed to drive innovation in low carbon vehicles forward in the UK and will see over 340 vehicles trialled.

Switch EV is supported by the Technology Strategy Board, in partnership with the Department for Transport. More information about these organisations can be found on the website:

For more information visit, email liz.gray@futuretransportsystems or ring 0191 2431622

Simon Bailes Peugeot was last year appointed as the first Peugeot dealership in the UK to start taking orders for the iOn, a four-seat electric car with low running costs and no emissions, designed to a high specification with outstanding safety standards.

  • Simon Bailes Peugeot is one of the region’s longest-established Peugeot dealerships with a reputation spanning 30 years.
  • Simon Bailes set up the company in 1979 and now employs 120 people at branches in Northallerton, Stockton-on-Tees and Guisborough.
  • Simon Bailes Peugeot is the UK’s most accredited Peugeot dealership having won 16 consecutive Golden Lion awards from the company recognising the Simon Bailes’ commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction.

For more information visit, email or ring 01642 710707.

The Technology Strategy Board is a business-led government body which works to create economic growth by ensuring that the UK is a global leader in innovation. Sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the Technology Strategy Board brings together business, research and the public sector, supporting and accelerating the development of innovative products and services to meet market needs, tackle major societal challenges and help build the future economy. For more information please visit

The Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Programme is the largest of its kind in the world and is part–funded by the government backed Technology Strategy Board, with £25m going towards eight projects involving some of the world’s top vehicle manufacturers and a wide mix of vehicle types.  Match funding is provided by participating businesses.  The aim of the programme, which will see around 340 vehicles trialled on theUK’s roads, is to accelerate the development of innovative low carbon vehicle technology.

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