Decerna sign open letter to government on the photovoltaic export tariff

Aerial view, taken by drone, depicting the roof of a semi detached house on a residential street with solar panels installed.

Decerna have joined 200 organisations in signing a letter from the Solar Trade Association to the Minister of State for Energy & Clean Growth, to ask for the export tariff for solar photovoltaics to remain.

Current government plans will remove the export tariff, which currently pays homeowners 5.77p/kWh that they are estimated to have exported. Under the new rules, this electricity will still be exported to the grid but homeowners will not be paid. Essentially, homes with PV installed after the 29th of March 2019 will be giving their electricity away for free to energy companies.

We believe this is a bad deal for homeowners, and will damage the already significantly contracted photovoltaic market within the UK. Photovoltaics offer a way to quickly install large amounts of clean generation within the UK, and there is already 12GW of capacity now installed. 

Other organisations to sign the letter include Nissan Energy Storage, Logic Certification, Ovo Energy, and Huawei Solar Europe.

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