European Commission Publishes Guidelines for life cycle assessment of carbon capture and utilisation

Two companies emitting smoke, with an electricgrid in the background

A team of experts employed by the European Commission have completed a document to provide scientific guidelines to understand the climate change impact of producing products from captured carbon dioxide

Carbon Capture and Utilisation, the method of using CO2 captured from fossil fuel-based electricity generation, industry, and direct from the air, is an important tool to help reduce climate change. However, in order to make sure this is done properly, it is important that the emissions of CO2 from these processes are properly accounted for.

To do this, a team of experts was form by the European Commission to create a set of methodological rules for calculating these emissions, within the framework of the field of research known as Life Cycle Assessment.

The experts were Andrea Ramirez Ramirez, Aïcha El Khamlichi, Georg Markowz, Nils Rettenmaier, Martin Baitz, Gerfried Jungmeier, Tom Bradley, who are from TU Delft, Ademe, gm innovation, IFEU, Sphera, Joanneum Research, and Decerna respectively.

The report was completed in 2020, but publication was delayed throughout the pandemic

The publication of this report should help ensure that the Life Cycle Assessment of Carbon Capture and Utilisation is undertaken in a fair, transparent, and comparable manner.

For further information, the report can be downloaded from

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