Decerna expands sustainability services with the addition of Environmental Product Declarations

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Decerna, a leading sustainability consultancy, has announced that it is now offering Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) as part of its suite of sustainability services. With this new offering, Decerna can help clients assess and communicate the environmental impacts of their products, based on a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Decerna is registered now with EPD International.

EPDs are becoming increasingly important for companies as they allow them to meet environmental regulations and provide customers with transparent information about the sustainability of their products. EPDs cover a wide range of environmental indicators, including climate change, energy consumption, water consumption, and waste generation, allowing companies to identify areas for improvement in their environmental performance.

Decerna has been providing sustainability services for over ten years and has extensive experience in performing LCAs compliant with ISO 14040/44 for a range of energy and bio-based technologies, as well as assisting in creating scientific guidelines for CCU. The addition of EPDs to its suite of services will enable Decerna to offer clients a more comprehensive sustainability solution.

Our goal at Decerna is to help clients understand the impacts of their products and services on the environment and to provide them with solutions to reduce those impacts. With the addition of EPDs to our suite of services, we can help clients communicate the environmental impact of their products in a transparent and standardized way, while also identifying areas for improvement in their environmental performance.

Tom Bradley, Director of Decerna.

We’re pleased that Decerna had added EPDs as part of their services, as interest and requests for publishing EPDs with the International EPD System are growing around the world. To provide transparent and objective reporting is becoming increasingly important for all business sectors.

Sebastiaan Stiller, CEO of EPD International AB

Decerna’s EPD delivery covers the UK, Europe, India, and Brazil. However, the company is open to work in other geographies as well. Its studies generally cover energy generation/storage/transmission/efficiency products, bio-based materials, carbon capture and utilization-related systems, and composites.

In addition to EPDs, Decerna also offers a range of other sustainability assessments, including Life Cycle Assessments, carbon reporting, and Net-Zero carbon reduction plans.

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