Decerna supports battery roll out

Eco friendly battery energy storage system in nature with misty forest in background and fresh grassland in foreground. 3d rendering.

Decerna has supported 24 Power Limited in the creation of a suite of spade ready Battery Energy Storage (BESS) sites across the north of England, which are currently being sold to developers.

Decerna have carried out the technical applications for each BESS site using the G99 grid connection process and have been involved in negotiations with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) at every stage of the process. This has ensured as smooth a transition as possible when dealing with the local DNO, Northern Powergrid. We have assisted our client by attending meetings, site visits and with all technical aspects of a BESS grid connection. This has included gathering data on National Grid conductor ground clearance, cable routing across third party land, rise of earth potential issues and diverting existing Northern Powergrid 11kV assets.

BESS is vital for the UK to achieve Net Zero, in order to balance variable output from wind and solar against the varying loads from domestic homes and industry. Currently, the UK has 1.3GW of BESS, but according to National Grid this needs to increase to 13GW for Net Zero. The work by Decerna means the UK is further along this path.

Decerna exists to support the transition to a Net Zero society. We are currently undertaking a range of projects, all of which are making a real difference and helping decarbonise the UK.

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