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Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council Heat Decarbonisation Plans

Committed to a sustainable Net-Zero future, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council is actively engaged in the ambitious mission of decarbonising its extensive portfolio of assets.

To accomplish this, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council approached Decerna to deliver a Heat Decarbonisation Plan for 47 properties; owned and operated by the council. Through this collaboration, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council is taking a significant step towards modernising its infrastructure and setting a pioneering example for the community.

Outline & objectives

Decerna launched a study of 47 buildings within one month. Due to the extremely short timescales for the work, the following subcontractors worked with Decerna:

  • Tomson Consulting Limited
  • Carbon Alternatives Limited
  • Energy-Flex Limited
  • Infinitas Design Limited

The buildings included various sizes, ranging from a compact public toilet to a large-scale leisure centre. The project aligned with the UK Government SALIX programme’s definition of a Heat Decarbonisation Plan. Efforts within this initiative included:

  • Site visits to all 47 buildings
  • Review of recent decarbonisation, and future plans, for the buildings
  • Heat network opportunity study
  • Assessments of the existing heating systems
  • Assessments of suitability for heat pumps, including sizing of systems
  • Photovoltaic feasibilities for appropriate buildings
  • Studies of the electrical grid connection possibilities for large loads (heat pumps) and generators (photovoltaics)
  • Assessment of costs of improvements, and carbon savings


The work was completed as a major report to provide RCBC with the evidence base for future funding applications and to guide future work to decarbonise council buildings.

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