Pollywood Ltd, a UK based innovative SME had been in the process of developing a composite replacement for tanalised/creosote. This new composite material is to be used in utility poles. Using the ISO 14040/44 standards, a Life Cycle Assessment was undertaken by Decerna with the goal being evaluate the environmental impacts of the new composite material and the industry standard material.

Outline & objectives

A model of composite utility pole was produced using OpenLCA using data obtained from Pollywood Ltd. A second model was then created of an industry standard utility pole. The information surrounding this base line model was gathered with the help of our grid connection team. This model would serve as the base line and would grant the ability to make comparisons.

The goal of the project was to understand the environmental impacts of both systems and to make comparisons between the models.

The objectives of the project were to analyses both models to make comparisons between them using 18 mid-point impact categories (ReCiPe Hierarchist Mid Points), to identify hot spots within Pollywood’s composite material in order to propose mitigations to offset these impacts.


The LCA modelling confirmed that for all impact categories, Pollywood’s new composite pole had a smaller environmental impact than that of the industry standard poles. Using the information provided, informed alterations to the product were made to further provide confidence that the product is an ecological and technical leader in the current market.

Client testimonial

Our Development Director, Richard Brough found the support that we received very valuable. The LCA modelling has been included in our submission to the Distribution Network Operators to support our application for funds to develop the product through to BAU. We have no doubt that this application was strengthened by your work and your reputation. The Decerna support has also contributed to Sustainability Today making Pollywood Ltd the Construction Material Company of the Year.

Quentin Copp, Chairman of Pollywood Ltd;

Further information

The work undertaken for this project was funded by the eGrid project, managed by ORE Catapult and funded through the European Regional Development Fund.

More information on the innovative technology under development by Pollywood Ltd can be found at

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