Decerna has been working with a confidential client on a project to decarbonise their operations and achieve significant cost savings significantly.

The client operates an 8-hectare mixed-use site for their business operations and is a high-energy user. They initially engaged Decerna to undertake detailed feasibility studies of carbon/cost-saving options, and this has led to a construction project which will include building improvements, a solar farm, roof-mounted solar, a wind turbine, and a Battery Energy Storage System.

Decerna has undertaken, or is undertaking, the following services for the client.

Phase 1 – Investigation

  • Initial grid feasibility
  • Site survey and energy efficiency measures
  • Technical feasibilities of wind, ground-mounted solar, roof-mounted solar and batteries
  • Analysis of half-hourly data
  • Calculation of hourly outputs of solar and wind based on historical meteorological data and satellite data
  • Discussions with technology providers
  • Creation of a complex financial model capable of multiple scenario comparisons
  • Sizing of energy systems
  • Creation of financial business case for board members
  • Detailed technical feasibility report
  • Summary for board members with the economic business case
  • Acting as technical support for decision making

Phase 2 – Pre-construction

  • G99 grid application
  • Interacting with DNO
  • Structural surveys
  • Topographical and utilities survey
  • Scale drawings of the site
  • Interacting with the local community and Local Authority for planning application
  • Planning application (including all relevant surveys/assessments, such as transport assessment, heritage assessment, hydrology and flood assessment, noise assessment, shadow flicker assessment, aviation assessment, landscape and visual impact assessment, ecological & ornithological assessment)
  • Installation of LIDAR system for wind monitoring over 12 months, with a detailed report
  • Writing contracts for installation, technology providers, and Independent Connection Providers
  • Competitive procurement of installation, technology providers, and Independent Connection Provider

Phase 3 – Construction

  • Project management and handover of the entire energy park
  • Principal Designer (following all requirements of CDM 2015)

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