Making things happen – Sustainability and renewables for CSR

Solar thermal and solar PV test rigs at DecernaSolar thermal and solar PV test rigs at Decerna

The purpose of this course is to give CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) professionals the relevant knowledge and abilities to ensure that their organisation makes a meaningful cut in CO2 emissions.

  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Accreditation: Decerna
  • Cost: £1,995+VAT
  • Entry Requirements: None
  • Course Type: Classroom with functioning demonstration rigs of renewable systems.
  • Assessment: Practical performance and short response written assessment.

Course Outline

The course involves workshops from industry professionals on climate change, Life Cycle Assessment and renewable energy. Delegates are encouraged to bring information on their own organisation to work with the tutor on bespoke solutions for their company. This course is targetted towards CSR professionals from large companies. Working demonstration rigs of heat pumps, solar termal and solar PV will be used to give delegates a Strong understanding of the realities of renewable energy

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Climate Change and Feedback Cycles
  • Science based targets
  • Principles of renewable energy system operation
    • Photovoltaics
    • Heat Pumps
    • Solar Thermal
    • Biomass
  • Design of renewable energy systems for a generic building
  • Energy storage systems
  • Electric Vehicles
  • The UK Electricity Grid, and how to connect to it
  • Regulations and Guidance
  • Financial savings and income from renewable energy and storage technologies
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Communicating the sustainability message to the board

The course will end with a workshop, looking at various issues for the delegates in their own organisations, and how to implement real science-based targets into their organisation, which make both environmental and financial sense.

Candidate Entry Requirements

The candidate does not need any formal qualifications, but it will be most usefuul to those involved in CSR within their own organisation.


To book, please email or call (01670) 543006.

Courses are generally run from our specialist facility in Blyth, Northumberland, which is equipped with a range of demonstration and operating renewable energy technologies.

Courses can be delivered at the company’s own premises, but this will come at additional cost, and mean that delegates will see less practical working systems.