Wind TurbineWind turbine outside the UK’s National Renewable Energy Centre

Wind turbines convert kinetic energy in the wind into electrical energy. Aerofoil shaped blades create a differential pressure from the wind flowing over them, resulting in a lift force that causes motion. This motion is used to drive a wind turbine generator and generate electricity. These aerofoil blades have the same physical properties that are harnessed to cause an aircraft or helicopter to fly, where the ‘wind’ is caused by engines pushing the wings/blades at speed.
With the most significant wind resource in Europe, the UK is ideally placed to increase distributed renewable energy generation through the deployment of small, medium and large scale wind turbines. Onshore wind is the cheapest form of renewable energy.

The UK currently has 13,626MW of onshore capacity and 8,483 MW of offshore wind turbine capacity. In terms of testing, the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult’s Blyth site, where we are based, contains world leading testing facilities for wind turbines.

Currently, within England, onshore wind is effectively banned by the planning system, although there are hopes that this will change, to enable the UK to hit the 2050 carbon targets. There are no such restrictions in Scotland

At Decerna, we offer a range of services for wind developers. Specifically, these are focused on the grid connection process. We can assist you with finding appropriate sites for wind farms, submitted grid connection applications, negotiating with the Distribution Network Operators, and the process of procuring an appropriate ICP, in addition to planning services.

Our expertise in solar and batteries allows us to provide complimentary services, should you wish to co-locate your wind farm with other technologies.

We can also calculate the full embedded environmental impacts within a wind turbine, through undertaking an ISO 14040/44 Life Cycle Assessment study.


  • Site finding
  • Grid connection (G99 process and DNO negotiations)
  • Planning application support
  • LCA of wind turbines
For testing of MW scale wind turbines, please contact the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult.