Photovoltaic arrayPhotovoltaic array on the roof of the National Renewable Energy Centre

Photovoltaic panels (PV panels) are a type of solar panel which converts light energy into electric power. The light from the sun is collected by the panels which induces an electrical flow in a circuit. They are generally made of silicon, however other types use materials such as Cadmium Telluride can be used. Solar panels have the advantage that as they have no moving parts, there is very little on them to fail. Silicon PV systems have lifetimes of 25 to 40 years. Correctly installed systems in the UK can generate annually approximately 900kWh per kWp installed, although this depends on orientation, shading and geographic position.

Decerna perform a range of services with regard to photovoltaic systems. Projects range from single building arrays up to multi-MW solar farms.


  • Pre-feasibility
    • Site solar resource assessment
    • Energy generation yield studies
    • Site survey and feasibility studies
    • Power purchase agreement assessment
    • Financial incentive assessment (including Smart Export Guarantee, Contracts for Difference, and others)
    • Project financial modelling
    • PVSyst reports
  • Grid Connection
    • Connection Application Process
    • DNO point of contact
    • ER G99 Expertise
  • Design Services
    • Shading analysis
    • CAD Layout
    • PVSyst energy generation modelling
    • Module and inverter selection expertise
  • Deployment Support
    • EPC tendering and selection assistance
    • EPC and O&M contract review
    • Lifetime of system performance monitoring
    • Construction team PV installation, commissioning and maintenance training
  • Additional Services
    • Full project management
    • Government energy policy monitoring
    • Technical due diligence
    • Reviews of existing and cutting edge technologies
    • State of the market reports
    • CO2 avoidance calculations
    • Installation quality assurance and snag listings
For detailed R&D development of PV cells or production of bespoke photovoltaic modules please contact Solar Capture Technologies.