Energy efficiency, renewables & storage for buildings

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We provide energy efficiency audits, renewable energy techno-economic assessments, due diligence of systems and a range of related services. These offerings are available both on a commercial basis and for SMEs often as part of an ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) project.

We cover a range of technologies, including photovoltaics, biomass & biofuels, solar thermal, heat pumps, batteries and combined heat and power (CHP). Because Decerna is wholly independent of manufacturers, customers can be safe in the knowledge that recommendations are based purely on sound technical information.

Our services cover the full journey from the initial site visit, through to detailed analysis, specification of systems, and procurement support.

We provide a complete service for ERDF projects focused on SME support. As a subcontractor, we have delivered outputs for various projects, including Business Energy Savings Team (BEST), Grid Emulation System (eGrid) and the Sunderland Low Carbon Pilot. We provide a wide range of services, from initial engagement to delivering active support through energy efficiency surveys, energy monitoring, techno-economic feasibilities and supporting the ERDF grant process.

Our core offerings for your buildings;

Energy management

We calculate the energy demands of commercial buildings, be they thermal or electrical or both. This is undertaken using benchmarks, SAP, fabric and ventilation heat loss calculations, analysis of bills, and deployment of logging equipment. From this, we undertake a detailed analysis to understand where the problems are for a building, in order to inform the direction for the following energy efficiency and renewable energy feasibilities.

Energy efficiency feasibility

We undertake detailed feasibilities of various measures which can be undertaken to reduce energy consumption, and thus costs and carbon. This can range from suggested improvements to Building Management Systems, changing heating technologies, insulating areas of the buildings, or replacements of defunct equipment.

Renewable energy and storage feasibility

We perform detailed technical feasibilities, identifying the best technologies for a particular purpose, and providing detailed estimates of the energy production. This includes photovoltaics, solar thermal, heat pumps, and energy storage systems.

Economic feasibility

Based on our understanding of financial incentives, we calculate the payback times and financial yields for the technologies considered. As UK government incentives change rapidly, we keep a keen eye on political developments on a daily basis. Financial mechanisms considered include the Contracts for Difference, Smart Export Guarantee, Renewable Heat Incentive, Enhanced Capital Allowance, and various options for the sale of energy, including ESCos, private over public wire, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), direct sales to the grid and others.

Grid connection

For large scale electrical commercial renewable energy systems, we work with the client and the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to get the best deal on connecting the renewable energy system to the electricity grid, including working through the full G99 process with yourselves.

Procurement support

We will support you on the procurement process, compiling relevant technical documents to assist you with procuring an installer for the systems we have specified, and marking the responses. We can also undertake post-installation due diligence to ensure systems were installed and commissioned correctly.

Community energy

We work with community groups, assisting with funding applications, and performing detailed renewable energy feasibilities for a range of technologies. We can also provide utility-scale renewables support for Community Energy Groups


We can provide bespoke training on energy, should the client request.

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