Community Energy

3D image of a solar farm, as created by Alex Savidis at Decerna using Skellion3D model of a solar farm, which was then imported into PVSyst

We have worked on a number of community projects, ranging from giving small bits of advice, through to full detailed feasibilities of large scale solar farms funded through the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF). We utilise the wide range of skills within Decerna, including grid connection expertise, modelling of solar farms, modelling of grid scale batteries, planning capabilities, and measurement of embodied carbon through Life Cycle Assessment.

Small scale renewable energy feasibilities

We have performed a number of feasibilities on community buildings. From small half hour assessments of community buildings in Blyth, up to full detailed feasibilities for multiple technologies, including photovoltaics, wind, heat pumps and biomass.

Rural Community Energy Fund

We have undertaken several RCEF funded Stage 1 projects. The most recent of these included the modelling of a 16MW solar farm in order to provide a preliminary design, and estimated electrical output for a full year. We also created a bespoke battery model to calculate the advantages and disadvantages of a battery system on this site. Utilising the skills of our grid connection team, we found the most appropriate connection points, and assessed the capability of the distribution network to accept the output power from the solar farm

Procurement Support

Following on from the various types of technical support we can offer, we can then work with you to help you procure the technologies. This can range from small solar pv installers, through to assisting you in the procurement of the Independent Connection Provider (ICP) for a grid connection and the procurement of an installer of utility scale renewables, if you choose to go to that scale.

Further Information

The detail of our offerings for Community Energy Projects can be seen within the following service pages;

Previous and current projects

  • Community bill assessment project
  • Solar farm and grid connection
  • Renewable energy feasibility of Sunderland Bangladeshi Community Centre